Hawaii: Luxury Meets Simple Living

Hawaii, for the fortunate few, can call it home. For others, they call it a holiday, vacation, a destination, wish list or a dream. I’m confident to say that Hawaii is special. We know it! So, is it really worth it to “live simply”?

 Makena Black Sand Beach

Hawaii is paradise. You can find yourself in the surf, exploring the depths of the ocean, climbing up to the mountains and above the clouds. Beauty is everywhere. Undeniable beauty. A cocktail will taste better because of the island experience. With beauty then comes luxury. Luxury is defined as a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. A sumptuous environment. This is portrayed in every bit of our society. Magazine layouts of unbroken landscapes of tropical lushness. Instagram posts of epic views and great times had. Models and photographers collaborate on island for the best designers in the world to showcase their new line. Surfers getting the deepest barrels with bikinis and athletic builds plastered all over the shoreline of the world’s most iconic surf breaks. Go ahead, Google: Hawaii. Click on images and I bet you will have trouble finding something not breathtaking. So ya, I would say Hawaii is luxurious.

 Launiupoko Beach Park

Luxury comes with a price. It reflects the price of our food, gas, supplies, housing and pretty much anything that is not grown in your backyard. I hear all the time that living in Hawaii is to “live simply”. How do you live simply in luxury? Is to live simply mean not to have things that you would normally have where you lived before? Is it to rent a house a quarter of the size, 20 years older than the home you moved from off island, and pay twice the price? Is it to room with as many people you can to cut costs, live communal and be one with oneself and nature in the jungle? Is to live simply basing your nights out on kama’aina happy hours, coupons, or set aside your $5 Fridays to capitalize on the islands favorite fried chicken for the best deal at your most convenient supermarket…. All you Maui people know what I’m talking about on that one…. But really, what is living simply? I like to eat, be comfortable and to enjoy my life without having an onslaught of regulations in order to live.

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So how do I live simply? Living simply is to appreciate what you have and where you are. It is about being engaged with your surroundings. Its about having unlimited access to the beach and mermaid pools for the kids to play in. The hikes, the waterfalls, the beauty of sitting on your lanai and watching the sun go down under the horizon in a way you couldn’t imagine could exist. The community of people you surround yourself with. They are not friends, they are your ohana. Family runs deeper than blood. A unique concept of community that is disappearing in the world we live in today. The abundance of my backyard is the abundance of yours. My avo’s for your mangos. Citrus trades for plumeria laced floral bouquets. This is to live simply. Its in idea of less is more and you have what you need around you. To live your life through your passions rather than for a dollar. To experience life. How simple can you be when all you want to do is experience life. Hawaii makes you Live.

 Lone Keawe Tree Makena by Christopher Egan

From the lavish lifestyles of the quintessential hedonist to the off-grid organic-farming hippie communes located deep in the jungle.  Hawaii allows you to live, and live how you want to. That’s the beauty and irony of simple living in luxury. So, experience life and experience Hawaii.


by Walle Hutton

POME Maui 

Paia, Hawaii


Walle Hutton at Paia Bay, North Shore Maui


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