Lets Talk Shop: A Surf Shop

Lets Talk Shop: A Surf Shop

A business, a community of people, a place to talk story, pk junkies, the pro, a congregation to share passions, a family, a partnership, a hipster, a cool place to buy stuff, an environment of fun, Collaboration, savior for epic swells, a relationship, and the gritty back-ally rebel smoking a fat joint. A surf shop is all of the above and more, much more.

POME family run, eco-conscious surf boutique located on the north shore of Maui in Paia

Surf shops are a space that house boards from someone who surfs, and after a morning glide, rolls up that garage door for the day, which proudly displays their hand-crafted quiver in some worn, decaying industrial park in the “bad” part of town, to the chic of the bujie bujie, exclusively stocked, limited edition, primo, alternatively “inspired”, motorcycle riding, jazz playing surf boutiques of our time today.


With diversity comes greatness.


This community formed is supported by fun. With that, a surf shop is born from that collective. It reflects the people within that town, village or city, and survives by giving those people and who travel there what they need. This intrigues new-combers by being exposed to this newly found experience. A Culture is created. That culture is what we know as Surf Culture.

 Peahi, Hawaii

Surf Shops create a cultural phenomenon but more importantly supports a lifestyle. Of course we can throw a label on the die-hards, weekend warriors, week long surf campers, holiday surfers, to winter warriors, and to those who are seeking the endless summer. That passion drives those to get into the water, hop on some foam, and come back to shore with a smile. Its just that. Different reasons may push people to return to the sea. It could be a picture to come home from vacation with to finding peace in a troubled soul.  Each case is valid, but both are usually the case. The purity of being able to develop ones own ability and to ease a racing mind is such a powerful entity. That’s why the act of surfing is considered healing. The power to heal. The power to heal ones self. A smile can be represented as healing and of course is the universal expression that displays happiness. How could life be more positive if it is with a smile right?

 Walle Hutton on the west side of Maui, Hawaii

This is why surf shops are important to a community. They provide smiles. Even outside of their doors. They Provide what you need to be happier. So next time walk in and check out your local surf shop. If you don’t have one check one out when you travel to some coastline somewhere. Im sure there will be one. At least one. It may be hard to find but I’m sure you can find one if you look. It may turn into your favorite place to just talk story and share smiles. Your personality and interests could be represented on its walls and in its shelves. Your probably going to support a small business and just like with  “surf shop” you’re going to support a family business. So lets share some smiles and see you in the water.



Lets Talk Shop:

A Surf Shop

by Walle Hutton

Owner of POME Maui

Location: 151 Hana Highway, Paia, Hawaii


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  • Sheila

    I love everything about your shop ,and your beautiful family business. Very interesting read..

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