Shaper Sundays: Timpone Surfboards


Introducing the first installment of Shaper Sundays. A talk story video compilation with people who craft the boards under our feet that keeps a smile on our face every time we hit the surf.

What these people produce allows the exploration of one self. Through craftsmanship and imagination shapers translate our words of what we want to do on a wave and allows us to dial into our favorite activity. Shapers have a way to fine tune the instruments under our feet in order for us to compose the most beautiful song, which grants the ability to dance toe-to-toe with the ocean. Ultimate freedom.

Shapers, like most craftsmen indulge in their craft. They spend day after day behind 4 walls in a blanket of toxic foam and resin. Most of the time are forced into work right before the new seasonal swell or next bump on the radar. Board orders pile in through the swell and wait times can become weeks long. When flat spells arrive, orders decrease and time is now found. Even when “free time” comes to the local shaper they are still researching, testing, thinking of, or sea deep in what they are passionate about. Some are fortunate enough to call it their full-time job. Others work around their 9 to 5’s to shave a little foam before the sun wakes or after the sun has fallen. So, lets get inside the head of shapers. Each shaper has their own flare, technique and niche in the industry. They are the hand shaper, the production team, the custom work, the collaboration, the family business, the limited edition, the alternative to the performance minded. I wanted to share those people behind the walls coated in foam dust and splattered with cured resin. The people who are in love with their craft and what they offer to not only the surf, but their local community.


Shaper Sundays: Timpone Surfboards



Master shaper Jeff Timpone has been hand shaping surfboards for almost 50 years. From California to Hawaii he has gained knowledge of his craft. Jeff’s attention to detail and how closely he listens to his customers has fueled his company over the years. He can translate the ideas coming from his customers head and what they want in the water into perfectly shaped foam.


I was curious to see why he shapes and what drove him over the years. Why is Jeff’s goal to do custom work and what that one-on-one relationship with his customers means to him and his company. Also, I wanted to look deeper in his Maui Leaf Lite line. Why Maui leaf Lite, what are its components, and how has his customers responded. I wanted to dive deeper and see the integration of his son Nic, and his participation in now a family business. Who is Timpone surfboards and what is forecasted to be the future.


Written by,

Walle Hutton


POME Maui in Paia, HI


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