Paia Coffee and Kombucha

About POME Coffee:

Crafted on Maui. We locally source our coffee beans and roast on island. Our collaborative process with our coffee roasters has allowed us to fully customize our own coffee that is not offered anywhere else in the world. Locally roasted beans allows us to maximize freshness and preserve the quality of our product.

We offer hand-crafted pour-overs, premium quality drip, frothy nitro cold brews, and exotic mushroom-coffee elixirs. 

About POME Mushroom Elixers:

We utilize the power of mushrooms from Four Sigmatic in a variety of beverages. Our unique variety of hot and cold concoctions infuse health-promoting benefits from a selection of wild-harvested mushrooms.

These elixirs range from rose-hip, peppermint, and chaga-mushroom coffee to an organic cinnamon, cardamom, reishi hot-chocolate topped off with coconut cream, cinnamon and cacao.

About POME Kombucha on Tap:

Brewed and distilled on Maui. Our rotating variety of locally made kombucha infuses local and seasonal flavors. All kombucha is served from tap. A collaborative process with Vitali-Tea Kombucha on Maui has allowed us to develop flavors profiles and keep the highest quality of standards with our in-store kombucha.

About POME Tea Options:

We offer a variety of organic, non-GMO, kosher and are made from the highest quality herbs. All bagged teas are served in unbleached tea bags which are free of chlorine and dioxin. We offer a special range of Chakra Teas by Buddha Teas. These specialized teas have been rolled with crystals to shed negative energy and absorb positive energy. All teas are brewed to order.