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Approach by Amanda Emmes

Approach by Amanda Emmes

$ 145.00

During my evening swim, I stumbled upon this massive Pelagic Jellyfish and a feisty Barred Jack as its sidekick. As I approached, I noticed it was extremely close to shore, and about 20 ft from a group of children playing in the water, so I decided to help guide it back to deeper waters for everyones safety, and my pure enjoyment. But not without the help of the little Barred Jack of course! Typically Barred Jacks, which are rarely spotted these days due to over fishing, accompany larger Jellyfish for protection during their juvenile days - but in this case, the roles were completely reversed. “Jack” decided to protect the Jelly and attack ME! While I was snapping photos and trying to guide the Jelly away from shore, Jack repeatedly attacked me with his small bites and sudden rushes of body bumps to my hands, face, mask and arms. It was after about ten minutes of this, and no success with guiding the jelly, that I decided Jack would need to help me out. The closer I got to the Jelly, the more Jack would bump into the Jelly in numerous directions, guiding it away from me and out to sea. What a partner in crime! So I kept agitating the Jelly and Jack while Jack kept guiding it outward and onward. These are just a few of my photos I was able to capture of my hour long adventure with Jack & his Jelly. Nature truly at it’s finest :-)

- Amanda Emmes


Size available in store: 8 x 10

Custom Sizing available: please send email to to inquire about custom sizing and prices

Photography printed on Aluminum

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