Electric Blues by Wangdu Hovey

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Captured by Maui Photographer Wangdu Hovey on January 27, 2016 during the historic El Nino winter. Approximately 40-50 feet tall. This wave is wrapping around the JAWS undersea ridge causing it to refract or horseshoe. The maximum power is being focused towards the center. A massive eruption of white water signifies the displaced ocean that was crated by the crashing lip. Light diamond like speckles lead the eye into the wave crest. Highlighted by a textured layer of offshore spray that falls rapidly in down stroking blues. The barrel breathes out a small mist from deep within.

- Wangdu Hovey


Size available in store: 12 x 18 Acrylic

Custom Sizing available: please send email to pomemaui@gmail.com to inquire about custom sizing and prices

Photography printed with acrylic and aluminum