Face To Face by Wangdu Hovey

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Captured by Maui Photographer Wangdu Hovey on February 25, 2016 during the historic "Brock Swell" named after the late legendary big wave surfer Brock Little. This angle demonstrates the refraction of the wave caused by the undersea ridge as the swell wraps around the shallow reef. Professional surfer and Maui native Albee Layer stares in awe at the heaving lip of an estimated 50 foot tall wave. In the background you can see the sea cliffs along the Pe'ahi coast and the different layers of erosion. A small fishing ladder can be seen that old time ulna fisherman would utilize to get to the rocky outcropping below it. If you look closely you can see through the barrel of the wave to the other side and the sheer vertical walls of water created by the wave vortex.

- Wangdu Hovey


Size available in store: 12 x 18 Acrylic

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Photography printed with acrylic and aluminum