Mushroom Board Fish

Mushroom Board Fish

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Our upcycled foam handplanes are designed to clean up the past but the mushroom handplanes are designed for the future. With a 100% biodegradable core made from agricultural waste and mushroom and covered in a dissolvable epoxy by Entropy Resins and Connora Technologies we can have fun with these little guys for as long as we want and when the product is at it's end of life we can recycle the plastic, copper and compost the core to keep it out of the landfill. This product is the result of a cross country collaboration between Connora, Ecovative, Entropy, Patagonia and us. Showing that working together we can make things better. We are really proud of how well they work and what little foot print they will leave on the planet.

Size: 12" x 7" x .4"

Weight: 12oz

Skill Level:
Adult/Youth: Beginner to Advanced.

Body Size: All

Wave: Works in any condition but excels in fast and or hollow waves.

Wave size: 1ft - 12ft

Slightly more surface area then the Mushroom Board Round Tail. Great compromise between a smaller and a larger handplane. Smaller size equals quicker swim, easier punch out the back of a wave and less strain on your arm and shoulder. Floats well yet has a neutral buoyancy. Feel more like you don't have anything on your hand in the water. The better you get the more you'll like this one.


Core: The core is a 100% compostable and renewable material from Ecovative Design. It is grown to shape using hemp and corn stalk as a base material and the mycelium of mushroom is used as the glue that holds the material together. Once the grown shape is matured the material is compressed to form a wood like durable material that is both light and strong.

Coating: The core is coated with a dissolvable high performance epoxy made from Entropy Resins and Connora Technologies. This revolutionary epoxy has a chemical zipper embedded in the plastic that allows the cured epoxy to be dissolved at the end of life using vinegar as the unlocking agent. This method of preserving or removing the protective coating at will allows for the product to be recycled. Allowing the epoxy plastic to be removed, the core composted and the coper to be recycled. Once the epoxy plastic is removed it can then be reused as a high quality heat injection molded plastic for future products.

Mounts: Hand formed coper strap mounts.

Strap Cover: Strap cover is made using upcycled neoprene from used wetsuits.

Strap: The strap is fully adjustable and is made with hook and loop and heavyweight polypropylene webbing.

Product Tag: Product tag is made from upcycled boxes and 100% post-consumer paper.